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The Foundation of Energetic Healing
Jon Monroe, Scott Keith Mumby,
Chief Cloudpiler & Peter Moscow

October 29th-31st 2010
The Louisville Executive Suites
(Formally The InnPlace Hotel)
9700 Bluegrass Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40299

Register: Call HPC, Ltd.
Phone (502) 423-1188
Fax (502) 425-6465

This teaching conference of Electronic Medicine is for practitioners, students, and researchers. This event will provide expert teaching on the basics of Radionics and Radiesthesia.

Friday, Oct. 29th

*Visitors Welcome $35 each day*

9:30 am until 10:30 am
Introduction to Radionics Training
An historical overview from the Tibetans to Dr. Albert Abrams, the British Research, & recent developments.

10 am until 12:30 pm
Basic Theories & Practices of Radionics
The course work will cover: Essential Resonance Theory, Vitality Readings, Organ efficiency readings, Toxicity assessments, Learning the pendulum correctly, Stick plates, Use of rates, Use of witnesses, Use of different scales, Basic subtle energy analysis, Energy broadcasts, & basic therapeutic applications for humans, animals, & plant life.

2 pm until 5 pm
The Modern Electronic Medicine – HTS
Jon Monroe. The inventor of the Harmonic Translation System (HTS). He will provide training in the use of that technology. New students & interested parties will be able to get some hands on experience using the computer based technology in both its’ analytical mode & treatment modes.

7 pm until 9 pm
How Alternative Practitioners can Practice Legally in America
Chief Cloudpiler. The regulatory landscape is getting tougher and tougher. The FDA is pulling out all the stops. Individual activism has come to a grinding halt and the internet has not helped, and may have hindered the effort. It is time for Natural Healers to realize that they have allowed their adversaries to create the present Status Quo in the practitioners’ legal standing. The Nemenhah Program solves these problems for those willing to make a shift away from that Status Quo.

Saturday, October 30th
9 am until 12:30 pm
Harmonic Translation System Upgrade
The Digital Witness
Jon Monroe
The purpose of this upgrade is two fold. First, to take advantage of the power and speed of modern computers and second to enable the use of digital witness samples. Harmonic Translation is an algorithmically
intense process that puts a great deal of strain on a computer’s number crunching ability. Today’s computers are hundreds of times more powerful than their predecessors and can now deliver vastly higher resolution and acuity when running HTS. This increases the bio-reactivity of Harmonic Translation and increases the potency of treatments. Pre-composed and saved treatments created before the upgrade will potentially have their efficacy improved while new treatments created with the upgraded system should express even grater potential and effect.

2pm – 5pm
The Non-Material of Substances & Medicines
Keith Scott-Mumby MD
SKYPE Presentation

Professor Mumby attacks a fundamental proposition of medicine: That only weighable substances with a rest mass & a sufficient biochemical gradient can affect biological organisms (the biochemical model). The fact is: That unweighable (non-material) substances have profound and measurable biological effects which may even be the paramount mechanism. He proves his proprosition from 3 directions: cyclotron resonance, homeopathy & digital electromagnetic signals. He uses Benveniste’s digital signaling model to repudiate once & for all the so-called “clock-&-key” mechanism, which is totally unworkable & scientifically untenable. Professor Mumby received a MB ChB (same as MD) from Manchester, UK in 1970. He started the first successful Food & Environmental Allergy Clinic in 1979, which rapidly spread to London, Glasgow, Dublin and Stockholm. In 1986, when a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that food allergies were capable of making a youth murderously violent; the youth was given a conditional release (condition: that he stick to Scott-Mumby’s diet!).
By 1990 the press was calling him “Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective”. He has published several books in this field. He has been interviewed by the BBC, TV, and radio stations worldwide, as a recognized expert in alternative health paradigms.
More recently, he has searched for answers as to why an individual gets allergies in the first place. The answers have led him into homotoxicology (“complex” homeopathy) and electro-dermal screening.
He now writes and lectures internationally on the themes of energetic medicine. He wrote Virtual Medicine to bring science and validation to this emerging field and the vast technology it has spawned.

Sunday, October 31st
Native American Healing
Techniques, Naturopathic Medicine & the Sacred in Healing

Chief Cloudpiler

The "Sacred" has been written right out of Natural Healing. So long as we as a profession are willing to leave the Spiritual side of healing laying in the gutter, the ‘Scientific’ the so-called science community will always be allowed to regulate, since they own all science. The Nemenhah Ministers lack training in their specific callings and in identifying and polarizing the issues. Nemenhah Community Building outlines a plan of action that will assist the small units and prevent fall off of activity. Phillip “Cloudpiler” Landis is the maternal great great grandson of renowned Nez Perce Chief Hinmot Tooyelaketkt (Joseph). As a Medicine Man and Traditional Spiritual Leader, recognized by the Oklevueha/Sioux Nation Native American Church, and as a National Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Cloudpiler unites traditional Native American Religion with Traditional Natural Healing, effectively restoring the Sacred in Healing.

Sunday, 31st (cont.)
2:00 pm to 4 pm
British Spiritual Healing
A Video Presentation of
Tom Johanson

Tom Johanson dedicated his life to all aspects of natural, psychic and spiritual healing and philosophy and (with his wife Coral Polge)the proof of the existence of life after death and of reincarnation.

4 pm to 5 pm

Plasticity of the Brain
A Video Presentation
from the USPA
Norm Shealy, M.D.
Keynote Address

Dr. Norm Shealy, MD is a neurosurgeon who holds nine patents, including one for the TENS Unit. He founded The American Medical Association in 1978. He has recently filed a patent on a device-RejuvaMatrix-that is currently being used in a clinical trial to increase the length of Telomeres in human subjects.

Conference Package

EMA Members: $235.00 before October 9th, $265.00 thereafter. Visitors: $35.00 each day
Register: Call HPC, Ltd. (502) 423-1188
Fax (502) 425-6465

Hotel Room Registration
The Louisville Executive Suites Hotel is a full service hotel located in the heart of Louisville's prestigious East End. It is minutes from diverse dining, shopping, and entertainment. Shuttle Bus can provide service to and from the airport.
Hotel Rooms are $59.00 for both a Double & King. Room rates exclude state & local taxes.
Room reservations: 502-491-4830. Ask for the "Electronic Medicine Seminar" rate. All reservations must be received no later than 3:00pm on 9/30/2010. The hotel will release blocked rooms after this date.
Certificates of Completion for Credit Hours issued to EMA members only. Researchers must bring their own laptops
EMA Annual Membership Fee: $50.00
Payable to HPC Ltd. by the 1st of May of each year.

Electronic Medicine Association website:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Bar on the CW

Join me this coming Wednesday, August 25, 2010
on the CW, WBKI 7, 10am-11am
A talk with Matthew Garvey & Michael Phillips about Life Bar which uses wholefoods and medicinal herbs to promote wellness

Life Bar is a bar that specializes in the use of whole foods and medicinal herbs to bring balance, happiness and wellness to peoples lives. Located in Rainbow Blossom at 3738 Lexington rd in St. Matthews. Life Bar uses organic fruits mixed with tonic herbs to create healthy, mood-boosting beverages. Proprietors Chase Barmore and Matthew Garvey-along with Michael Phillips, an energetic counselor- truly care about the health of their customers. This integrity has created a tight-knit community of loyal patrons who frequent the bar on a near-daily basis.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hosting the EMA Conference

Every year HPC, Ltd. hosts the Electronic Medicine Association's (EMA) Conference, held in Louisville, Kentucky and in the United Kingdom. In Louisville, Kentucky we hold two conferences a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. In the United Kingdom the conference is held annually.

At the EMA web site information, upcoming seminars, archives, and news can be obtained.

This Fall
Jon Monroe & Chief Cloudpiler
Jon Monroe is the creator for modern electronic medicine; the Harmonic Translation System.

Chief Cloudpiler of the Nemenhah Band will be sharing with practitioners, students, and others interested in effectively restoring the Sacred in Healing.

Monday, February 1, 2010

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